March 21, 2004

She didn't look like that last night. Some people should stick to root beer, or they might make a monkey of themself. Link leads to comical ape motif IBC root beer commercial (video) from ad outfit Basement.
  • Educational first post!
  • hey! that chimp is pretty cute...
  • Great Ad "She doesn't look Jewish at all." Cabaret
  • I think television advertising is often a good way of judging what not to buy.
  • Yeah, but if we did that, then who would continue making these cool ads? I don't really mean that, by the way. Not really. Serious.
  • That monkey's probably not going to end up calling that guy every day for three weeks. Now if the ad had featured an ex-girlfriend...
  • who would continue making these cool ads? The enemies of the current advertisers or reverse psychology campaigners.