March 21, 2004

Pope Gregory is responsible for war, pollution, and global anomie. Only with a new calendar and a global day out of time can we activate the planetary light body and regenerate the biosphere. What, not convinced yet?
  • The Day Out of Time sounds like a good idea. I could use a break! Now if only something could be done about daylight savings time.
  • Isn't having the "Day out of Time" in July really unfair to the southern hemisphere people, for whom it's the middle of winter? We ought to have this special holiday in spring/fall, sometime when it is really pleasant on both halves of the world.
  • Midwinter is delightful, too. Hardwax ski conditions!
  • Gene Ray no doubt believes that the "new calendar" folks are missing the point.
  • 28-day months, eh? Menstruating women around the world will say "huzzah!".
  • It turns out July 26 wasn't just an arbitrary day. It's the day Sirius rises in conjunction with the sun. It looks like if we wanted to be nice to both halves of the world, somebody should come up with a weather altering machine! :-) (and now that I know how to put links into my comments, I can joint you cool people more often!)
  • ummm.....not that Im into that......I just meant join. ;-)
  • Ahem. Not all menstruating women have a 28-day cycle. That's just the average cycle. My own, for instance, is almost 40 days. File under "Too Much Information".
  • Oh, Alnedra, a couple more bits of information and I'll be able to create a genetic copy of you to sell to the general public. /OT
  • A fair point, Alnedra, which is why pharmaceutical companies all over will flock to create a new birth control pill to synch us all up to the 13 galactic tones of the universe. Or something. I wonder what happened to ancient Mayan women who didn't menstruate every 28 days. Perhaps they sacrificed at the altar of Akhushtal.
  • More calendar cranks. Couldn't decide whether to file this here or under one of our Cranks threads. It's certainly pretty darned crankular.