March 21, 2004

Goth in the suburbs. He worships Satan! He desecrates the Bible! He gardens! He recycles! remember, real goths stick out their tongues when they rake.
  • Maybe he'll receive a visit from that nice Marilyn Manson fellow.
  • I bet he was just going to a Kiss concert with his parents.
  • Oh my goodness! Is there no end to the pictures? I was scrolling down and watching in horror as my scroll bar kept inching upwards! But he looked kinda cute (as in ugly but adorable) on the swing. So...happy.
  • i didn't notice any appreciable difference in the garden from his efforts. methinks he sacrificed to the wrong goddess.
  • "REMEMBER IT IS OKAY TO DESEKRATE YOUR BIBLE IF YOU RECYCLE IT AFTERWARDS." Very cute. Maybe if he keeps swinging that scythe he'll acquire some muscle tone.
  • Reminds me of Tammy Faye Bakker.
  • OK, the Star Wars kid has gone too far this time.
  • this is great.