March 21, 2004

Photo Poems. When words and pictures collide.
  • Oh green I love you green I love you green in the dark of sad Madrid sweet god of spain's sorrow let there be an end on the moonlight bridge
  • Sorry if that's incoherent. Lorca's one of my passions.
  • and you, Garcia Lorca, what were you doing down by the watermelons? Great link. This is a really neat idea (although the poetry feels fragmentary, whipped up on the spot for the photograph). I myself am both an avid photographer and poet and I definitely link the passions in my mind to a great extent. There have been several times I wrote a poem about and took a photo of the same event, and several poems that are stand-ins for photographs I didn't take -- but never photographs of the poems themselves!
  • I like this. I hope they leave their poems after taking the photograph.