June 02, 2008

"That picture has obviously been photoshopped!" That's the rallying cry of the forum nerd for whom any evidence is suspect, and who apparently has intuitive image analysis abilities beyond those of the average viewer. Well, here's how the experts determine a photo is fake.
  • I was getting into this until the math stuff came along...
  • I can tell by some of the pixels and having seen a few shops in my time.
  • as a Photoshop jockey, familiarity breeds contempt the ability to spot photoshopped crap...
  • That specular highlighting thing is fascinating!
  • Ahh yes, TUM, fascinating indeed... I had always thought there was something strange about the specular highlights on this guys glasses (A). Also, how did Karl Rove get into this photo (B)? I suspect some kind of foul play. Suspicious photo
  • *almost chokes on tea* Of course... what could be more inconspicuous than monkeys behind a grassy knoll?! Monkeyfilter: back and to the left
  • If you look carefully, TUM is inside a polka dot on the woman's dress. And just tucked inside LBJ's left nostril? Yep, that's smt.
  • Haw Haw.
  • Who is Sam Neill bringing flowers to?
  • This is sad, but my first reaction to that photo is "hey, that's what Battlestar Galactica was referencing in their president being sworn in scene!" (It's LBJ? Just guessing, I don't know if I have seen the photo before.)
  • Yes, that's him. The despairing look in Jackie's face in that series makes me sad.
  • ...and clearly the thing LBJ is speaking into is a Wii remote.
  • NSFW - this one real or fake? Hard to say......
  • Isn't this more like "here's what to watch out for when photoshopping stuff"? We'll have to find new signs to watch out for...
  • Stephen Colbert is having a John McCain Green-Screen Challenge