May 31, 2008

McClatchy to Scott McLellan - here's what happened.
  • Here's ABC News' Charles Gibson: "I think the questions were asked. It was just a drumbeat of support from the administration. It is not our job to debate them. It is our job to ask the questions.” And “I’m not sure we would have asked anything differently." You know, broadcast news in the US is a steaming pile of fly-speckled dogshit most of the time, and the "news" networks are mostly worse. I will admit to watching "Today" while I'm feeding the baby his breakfast, even though it and the other morning shows aren't worthy to shine even CNN's or Fox's shoes, though I'm at a loss to explain why. But to hear Charlie Gibson actually shovel that horseshit live, to see that Katie Couric of all people copped to network news dropping the ball, was almost worth sitting through all the OMG RACHAEL RAY SCARF SCANDAL douchery that they try to sell as news. Thank God for Jim Lehrer.
  • Makes you wonder where the real world went.
  • I will admit to watching "Today" while I'm feeding the baby his breakfast Whoa, are you sure that's safe for the baby?
  • Whoa, are you sure that's safe for the baby? My weird thing for Ann Curry overrides his intellectual development needs.
  • I too, enjoy waking up with Ann Curry. It has something to do with the shoes. And the legs which go into those shoes. This McClellan horseshit, this Charlie Gibson horseshit, it's all repositioning and fingerpointing aimed for the history books. As such, it's even more worthless than what they were spewing at the time. All this information was available at the time, wihout going through too much effort. Plenty of people saw what was really going on. (I saw what was going on, and who the hell am I?) Blaming the people who pulled the con is one thing, but there's plenty of blame left over for those who let themselves be suckered. I don't know which side Congress or the media falls on (and there are plenty of smart people around, so it's hard not to suspect that they were in on it), but at the very least, the American people have to have a good, long look at the dupe in the mirror. Otherwise, that Bush will be gone will not solve the problem at hand.