May 29, 2008

Curious George: Age of Conan Hi there. Are Monkeys interested in playing Age of Conan?

Bought the game? Maybe you don't know much about it? I'm thinking of buying this game. I enjoy MMORPGs, but they can suck due to my difficulty in striking up any kind of communication with people just out of nowhere. These games are much more fun if you have a few friends on the same server, you can share resources and whatnot. Or we could even start a guild, named, say, The Monkey Army, or such-like. The League of Monkeys. /shrug And this game looks like a lot of fun. Mofi, I have never played with you before. I had no game for it. No one, not even MonkeyBashi will remember if we were good monkeys or bad, why we played, or why we respawned. No, all that matters is that a group stood against MOBs, that's what's important. Gaming pleases you, Mofi, so grant me one request, grant me L00TZ! And if you will not play with me, then the hell with you!

  • I'm always up for a little barbarian on barbarian action, but we Mac monkeys are out of the loop I'm afraid.
  • He's 45. Do I win?
  • *gives RalphTheDog lifetime supply of virtual hugs*
  • Would like to, but not this year -- college is kicking my butt right now.
  • Age of Conan had Microsoft as a sponsor, so it isn't available for Linux either. But the Dying Earth game has a similarly archaic though futuristic theme, based on the stories of Jack Vance. Only it's OS neutral, because it uses writings in place of real time sword swinging. Has an online moderator, or sometimes a self-correcting online community. Has great art and background supplied by Pelgrane Press as a possible alternative for non Windows users...
  • "Bah!" he would say.
  • Remember that CoH guest account I gave you, Hank? Can't say I didn't try. Conan looks good, and the Mr. and I might be trying it out soon. I'll let you know. Hopefully, there'll be a server we can all play on.
  • yeah I have a 7 day guest pass if needed. Pretty fun game. Very simple leveling system. It has some bugs but that is standard for this kind of game so soon after launch, but they're patching like maniacs. Pretty intensive on the hardware requirements, though, I must say. There is indeed a server we can play on, Gwahlur. PvE server. I'm behind 300+ ms of lag, so no PvP for me.