March 19, 2004

Curious George: monkey banana meme The Hannah-monkey asked this morning "why do people think that monkeys just like bananas, instead of other fruit"? Help me help an eight year old - how did this pop culture association start, and is it true?
  • Down with monkey stereotypes!
  • I can tell you, from being chased by a troop of monkeys, that they also like cheese. Here, have a slice of Doppelrhamstufe to get rid of tha banana smell!
  • Even Jane Goodall used bananas to lure the chimps down to her campsite. A google search didn't turn up anything for me, but it's a fact that monkeys and apes will choose fruit over any other food. Bananas are clustered in large groups, available year-round (if imported), fairly cheap, easy to hold and eat, and contain plenty of good nutrients, so I wonder if it's as much a choice of zookeepers and animal carers that has led to monkeys being associated with bananas.
  • Bananas, like avocados and sherry, are whole foods. Make of that what you will!
  • To Hannah monkey: I like peanuts, what about you? I like peanut butter, too. Cold pizza ia tasty when I'm in the mood for a hasty breakfast. But as for spinach, poo!
  • Oh. And perhaps Hannah might find these poems by [eight-year old] Julia Mayhew interesting -- the first one mentions bananas, at least.
  • I can't answer the question, but now I know (thanks to stirfry and Google) that Doppelrhamstufe is a class of soft, supple German cheeses made with "double the cream." Thanks, stirfry. I shall always aver you as a greater cheese authority than I.