April 07, 2008

I'm off to see the whizz-bang .. the wonderful whizz-bang of .. It's exciting. Well, maybe! That H. Bo' thingie fascinates me.
  • I hope they find Higgs' bosom.
  • Or at least the whistle.
  • And they will also be activating The Grid to manage the data from the Hadron Collider. Interesting times ahead, no doubt.
  • You just know they wanted to call it The Matrix until that movie came out and forced a re-name.
  • The Grid sounds like it's full of win. Or enslavement to the machines. Could go either way. Won't matter when we're all sucked into the black hole, though. I figure I'll use my time peeing on stuff that I've always wanted to pee on, like the neighbors.
  • As you get sucked in?
  • As we all get sucked in. *plans to keep raincoat handy in october*
  • Okay, no way the "God Particle" could have a name like "Higgs Boson". Wasn't that the name of John Hillerman's character on "Magnum P.I."? And you should put a NSFW sign on this post: Using the Large Hardon Collider to find the Higgs Bosom? AND WE'LL ALL GET SUCKED IN?!?
  • Old Spice means quality, said the Captain to Higgs Boson...
  • >>the Large Hardon Collider OUCH. Sonuva...
  • "There is nothing to worry about -- the quantity of dark matter would be minute," said Sophie Tesauri, CERN's press officer. That's right, no need to worry about the minute amount of satanic, world-destroying, soul-destroying, radioactive-monster-creating, EVIL DARK MATTER released upon the world. OMFG RUN FOR YOU LIVES!!!