March 22, 2008

Canada in a Box "...cigar boxes from this era provide tantalizing vignettes of everyday life in the new country, Canada."

The Main Exhibition has some great images. See also: Hymans National Cigar Museum and the Cigar Band Museum

  • Sadly, Davidoff in Montreal is closed now. (No more M. Cigares Davidoff à 60 piastres la passe) Any Monkeys in Ottawa? I might be willing to see that (the cigar boxes). Also, awesome from the Museum of Civilizations: Zoot suit riots.
  • Sweet link, islander! I love Victorian-era advertising, and there are some nice examples here. I always wondered why cigar-box art was on the inside of the lid rather than the outside, and now I know. Plus, if anything could have ever enticed me to take up smoking, it would be being able to say, "I'm gonna go light up a Haggis."
  • "Quail on toast!! he exclaimed!
  • The Earl of Minto! Best nobility name EVAR!
  • His German cousin was the Barn von Freshmaker.
  • And his page boy was Helmut Cheese.