March 20, 2008

ONLY IN YORKSHIRE. A people who really know the value of the folding stuff.
  • And have so little apparent awareness of today's security safeguards. ATM records and built-in cameras will no doubt account for every penny. I wonder if the bank could even technically file charges because I would think that if the bank gives you £600 and you only expect £300 wouldn't there be some obligation to inform the bank? OTOH, as someone else pointed out, at least the British can form an orderly queue even while robbing their own financial institutions.
  • Paging Lara to the thread... Lara, please come to the thread... Bring the PIN number for the ATM machine... FOURTH YORKSHIREMAN: I was happier then and I had nothin'. We used to draw cash out of this tiny old safe with great big holes in it. SECOND YORKSHIREMAN: Safe? You were lucky to have a safe! We used to draw our cash from a cigar box, all twenty-six pounds of it, no receipts, 'alf the deposit slips was missing, and we rolled the bank notes together in one corner for fear of 'em falling out. THIRD YORKSHIREMAN: Eh, you were lucky to have a cigar box! We used to draw our cash from on old lady's apron pocket! FIRST YORKSHIREMAN: Oh, we used to dream of havin' an old lady with an apron pocket! Would ha' been a Swiss bank to us. We used to draw our cash from a biscuit barrel in the alley behind the Post Office. We got greeted every morning by having a load of Viagra ads dumped all over us! Apron pocket? Huh. FOURTH YORKSHIREMAN: Well, when I say "apron pocket" it were only a hole in the ground with a pneumatic tube, but it was an apron pocket to us. SECOND YORKSHIREMAN: Our 'ole in the ground was bought out by Citicorp; we 'ad to go and draw our cash from a lake. (Of course, in my version, the Four Yorkshiremen are Sean Bean, Patrick Stewart, Malcolm MacDowell, and Ade Edmondson.)
  • *hearts TUM so much she falls over*
  • The TUM Underpants Monster for the FTW Win!
  • OK, WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE?! REDUNDANCY!!! We won't be having any more of that, now! This doesn't only happen in Yorkshire, for damned sure. It happens when some human puts the wrong denomination in the wrong cash cassette. Funnily enough, if people get half of what they request, they're really fast to let the bank know there's a problem. Double, not so much. And believe me, the bank will not only know exactly who took each withdrawal, they will charge each and every one. And it's also well within the rights of the bank to prosecute each one for fraud and theft (at least in the US). Fortunately, at least in my town, there's always one honest person who calls and tips us of.
  • Well, tips us off anyway. Sorry, but the bastards who make my job hard make me angry. (And, of course, the cash-handling employees who would, YOU'D THINK, double-check the cash they were loading into an ATM.)