March 20, 2008

Sing along with Carmina Burana! (flash video) This is one even the kids will be glad to join in. Or perhaps you've always wondered what they were saying in those Bollywood videos. (YouTube)

To save fish tick time I'll reprint his excellent verse for the newcomers: You say Carmina
 I say Carmana
 You say Burina I say Burana 
Carmina! Carmana!
 Burina! Burana! 
Let's Carl the whole thing Orff.

  • That last Bollywood clip was excellent, makes you want to see the whole movie (subtitled, of course). Related: Bulgarian Idols contestant sings "Ken Lee".
  • Hey, kamus beat me to the Orff joke!
  • Sweet Mothra, I think I just died laughing, and was brought back to life by the power of laughter. Truly, this is what the Internets are all about. (The only thing that could have improved it would have been to make the screens and music line up better.) I couldn't find a clip of just the song, but now I have Tom Servo's version of "O Fortuna" stuck in my head. To - om Servo! To - om Servo! Glorious Tom Servo! Wonderful Tom, Wonderful Tom, Magnificat Tom Servo! Bigger than life! Bigger than you! You will not touch.... For anyone who's got time to sit through four minutes and twelve seconds of video before getting to the song, the whole segment is here.
  • Hey kamus and TUM beat me to one of my favourite jokes! Nice job, ladies! ;-)
  • And great misheard lyrics job - hee hee!
  • Ladies!?- This will come as a bit of a shock to Mrs Kamus. I knew I shouldn't have watched that last episode of Hans Holbleins Gay Tea Time Gala!
  • 'twas mere sauciness, my dear kamus, in retribution for To save fish tick time I'll reprint his excellent verse, because, you see, I am of the female persuasion!
  • Sir or madam or whatever cult you happen to belong to, it seems that seems that I am the one who should apologise to you. I beg your forgiveness. It never fails to amaze me how many times I make this same mistake here on MoFi. fish tick just sounds so "male". Dumkopf!
  • *twirls moustache ends pensively*
  • Online Gender Guesser Guesses your gender from a writing sample.
  • (It thnks I'm a lady when I use a prose sample, and a gentleman if I use poetry.)
  • It guesses WRONG. *resolves to work the word "tampon" in next story about charter schools*
  • "Weak emphasis could indicate European" Huh?
  • Horsey women, all of 'em.
  • Correctly guessed that I'm a European male (weak emphasis, I guess).