March 19, 2004

MeFi link: Fireworks and Stupid People The video is actually made by the Chiseen label, which recently signed a deal with MTV Networks Asia to produce the "stunt and prank-related content" for the show MTV Whatever Things. "Set in Asia's vast urban landscape, the show exposes the odd, risque, shocking and humorous elements of street and pop culture. By closely examining its intricacies in a deliberately haphazard style, Chiseen's blend of physical stunts, celebrity pranks, provocative journalism and pure-situational randomness will be a new experience for Asian audiences."

I thought the guy shooting the fireworks looked and sounded familiar. Turns out he's Daniel Wu, a Hong Kong model/actor. Chiseen won a MTV Asia award this year. Check out the human target's burn mark.

  • Uuhhhh......yeah....this was a good idea. Though I will admit that I succumbed to 'Jackass' for awhile, till the novelty wore off. Given Asia's seeming penchant for all things 'hard-core' I won't be surprised when someone actually dies. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing Asia. And 'hard-core' certainly isn't a bad thing, just recognizing the high probability of disaster.
  • I mean- for disaster.
  • Oh man... I never noticed the program was called Chiseen. Oh goodness... it means "absolutely whacko" in Cantonese. Usually used as a throwaway insult.
  • That was a 'watching incredibly stupid and crazy people' kind of way.