March 03, 2008

65th Pictures of the year. Some heartbreaking. Others...
  • "Americans don't realize that their empire is over as they kick back in their barca loungers, watch the evening news, comment on stories about China with simple phrases like "Those Chinese are going to take all our oil." They don't realize yet that the world resources are not just their resources, and that Chinese are not living in little villages wearing Mao jackets anymore." WTF? Talk about out of left field rant. Chip on the shoulder or what?
  • Wonderful images - but why is this site so hard to navigate around?
  • Is that a Flaming Mao she's drinking?
  • Ditto the navigation headache. Probably a lot of treasure in there that I'll never see as I haven't the patience to dig that hard.
  • The Beijing bourgeois are in fact moving out to the little villages and self-consciously wearing Mao jackets.
  • This is a great collection of photos - thanks, polychrome. The picture of the wayside crosses you highlighted really did succeed in prompting a whole tragic narrative in my mind.
  • and another of mine Group(er)ies!
  • Lovely, thought-provoking photos. They deserve something better than that crappy website.