March 18, 2004

Will this be the future for the US invasion of Irak?

I know that the circumstances are quite different, but the similarities are striking. Also I know this is just a high school paper. But a good one nonetheless. (non-sarcasm) By the way, the best part of it is the high quality map. (sarcasm) Flame me, if you must.

  • No flames. But the US doesn't appear to be taking out Iraqi citizens anywhere to the degree, or as "impartially" as the USSR did in Afghanistan, which might be an ameliorating circumstance. Especially since the terrorists in Iraq(whoever they are) seem to not care whom they kill, so long as they cause disruption - the terrorists aren't us, as far as I can tell. I know that Al Jazeera and other Arab media think otherwise, and that many Iraqi citizens believe that the US is the cause in some way of the bombings we've seen there lately, but that doesn't make it so. As much as I dislike the current US administration, I have a hard time imagining them dealing with scruffy radical Islamics for some way-out-there conspiracy. I really don't think that our scruffy fundies would get along with their fundies.