February 12, 2008

How To Make a Real-Looking Ghost
  • "Step 1: Find a victim, and begin stabbing." Oh wait, FENCING? OOOooooooh. I must have accidentally clicked on a different link. Um... nevermind the above, nothing to see here...
  • The BOOK was the GHOST.
  • Charming, although most who'd undertake this would lack the artistic skills shown here. I found the illustrated example quite haunting and would love one for my yard.
  • May also be used for creating ghost-topiary.
  • You could also keep your chooks in it.
  • I was just thinking step one would be: have talent. But it is very cool. Speaking of topiaries shaped like things, how's the chicken topiary, Captain?
  • I would have gotten away with this ghost, too, if it wasn't for you meddling monkeys.
  • Not sure about the chicken. She was doing very well, but then just before the fall, she developed a brown patch on her back. I suspect it was one of the asshole cats in the neighbourhood.
  • Maybe she'll bounce back in the spring?
  • But they don't show how they took the corpse used for modelling out of the chicken wire!
  • Also, you can tell this person is more artist and less DIY-enthusiast by this line: "You simply need the fence you would normally use around your house."
  • Yes, yes... but how to make a reel-looking ghost?
  • This ghost would look better with stink lines.
  • Very strange. Perhaps at dusk it would be more scary and less chicken-wirey.
  • I have lame skills, but I fully intend to make a ghost next October. I have the chicken wire already for circling the vegetable garden that never happened... Now, the question is, how will I remember this next October? Ah, the abeyance file.