February 11, 2008

Roy Scheider dead at 75. Jaws, French Connection, Naked Lunch, 2010, Klute, Marathon Man...
  • Noooooooo .
  • .
  • Roy Scheider is, for me, is the essence of '70s movies. We'll miss you, Roy.
  • Farewell and adieu to ye fine works, Roy Scheider, Farewell and adieu and that's all she wrote, Although you've been Benway and Levy and Russo, Your eulogy will need a bigger boat.
  • /applause
  • .
  • Ah, damn. I had such a crush on him.
  • It's Showtime!
  • Even weirder, he died in my hometown, and I didn't even know he was here. Or sick. .
  • 75? You have got to be kidding me! It seems like "Silver Spoons" was not that long ago!
  • Our friend David reports that his son is fascinated with "Jaws" (though David always fast-forwards through the gory parts, because the kid's still too young for that) and was torn up when he heard about Scheider. Poor little kid was standing in their living room, blubbering his eyes out while David was trying to (a) comfort him and (b) not laugh, when through the tears the kid pulled himself together just enough to say "Well, I guess he doesn't need a bigger boat anymore." Out of the mouths of babes.
  • That is simultaneously one of the funniest and most touching things I've ever heard.
  • All That Jazz is one of my favorite films. Now it has acquired a whole new emotive sheen. Yes, 'It's showtime folks!
  • Ach, this is the link I meant to post above. RIP Roy.
  • I once knew his sister.
  • (not in the biblical sense)
  • No, wait -- I knew the sister of his wife. Never mind.