January 31, 2008

I Refuse to Acknowledge the Passing of Halloween! Every day I listen to spooky sounds and scary stories. I read terrifying tales from the comics of yesteryear. I dream about what my house would look like but for the influence of my non-horror geek wife. I remember the horror toys I used to own and love. I plan for next year's Halloween costume.

And I watch and review lots of weird old horror flicks. [Self-link alert.] This is how I spend my time. Then, when I get tired of all this, I work.

  • Didn't we used to be able to specify a different sidebar title than post title? I thought I had done that...
  • This post wouldn't be complete without a youtube link to a home-grown Ministry video, Everyday is Halloween.
  • Halloween is definitely the King of Holidays!
  • What she mechagrue said. x2
  • TP, I wasted a lot of time today looking at your blog (and Brian's HMAD) I say we start up a petition to make everyday halloween. costumes and haunted houses and spooky stuff for all!!
  • I'm thinking of going with this pattern for Halloween '08. And I'll sign Medusa's petition.
  • Pass me that there petition, Underpants! Incidentally, I've just bought this pattern... and this underwear pattern to go with it.
  • Wowsa.
  • pix pls kthxbye
  • Among us, my fiance and I have a number of things featured on the Mr Fink page, or similar items. Neither of us has a collection focused on horror, but I have some Bali wood items, some Dia de los Muertos stuff (like the Catrin & Catrina), etc, and he has the Wacky Packs uncut page, a "flying skeleton" from Bali similar to the Mexican carved skeleton shown there, and tons of art. The bathroom is pretty much his dream bathroom, and I think it's cool enough, but not for a bathroom. Better for a hallway or something. (I prefer bathrooms to look very clean and hospital-like.) We still have conflict because, while I don't have any problem with weird and wacky stuff, I like to keep the mood of my house either light and sweet or historical. We don't currently live together, so it's not a big deal. But it could be after we move in together. The other thing is that I object to incorporating superheroes in my decor in any way. (That's OK, he objects to my "girly" stuff.) There are tons of 18th century gown patterns available now, though those are both good (I prefer the one Pallas Athena bought, but it also looks more difficult to make). You can always check the Great Pattern Review for ideas... Simplicity 4092 is discussed there....
  • Wow, TUM and Pallas Athena! I so wish I could sew. I actually own a sewing machine, but the most complex thing I've ever made was a pillow :P
  • Jesus. Naw, we don't need gun control laws. Fight the one world government!
  • wow, thinking of all the cute, very young, kids who came to my house trickertreatin last night, thats so awful. I mean, WTF? did they not get the memo that it was hallowfuckingween? I'm so glad the 2nd amendment has been interpreted so liberally so we can all be safe from the dangers of those candy-eatin fiends of small stature. :(
  • Our trick-or-treating halloweenies consisted of one ten year old girl with a set of devil horns and a trident from the $2 Shop, and her friend with eyeliner swirls around her eyes. They were witches. They hardly earned their chocolates.
  • It's kind of difficult to determine in our neighborhood which kids don't give a fuck and which kids had parents who didn't have enough to get proper costumes. Just down the hill from us is a fairly poor blue-collar neighborhood, and they usually come up here to trick or treat. The older kids who show up with nothing get less, usually, but even with them you have to wonder. Except for the two young teens who came dressed stylishly, but not in costume. "What are you?" hbs asked. "America's Next Top Model," they fired back. Okay, girls, you win this round. You win this round.
  • yeah, we challenged a couple of kids who weren't dressed up much and got back at least mildly witty answers- one snarled back that he was a human, another turned his ball cap to the side and said he was a gangster. in our book, crappy costumes get crappy candy... if you make the effort, you get rewarded. No shootings this year, fortunately, but our little hamlet was rocked last Hallowe'en by the utterly senseless murder of a teen girl in a city park by some thug from the next town over who wanted her wallet, but even *that* wasn't as senseless as Ralph's link.
  • I'm proud to say that I got rid of all the leftover candy from last year, and even got a "I love you" from a couple of teenage girls for giving them handfulls of the crap.