March 18, 2004

Yesterday's Labels Still Appeal: Vintage labels are colourful ephemera now sought by collectors.

Many items which 20th century travellers took for granted -- not just tags, but ticket holders and stickers and travel brochures as well, are now viewed with fresh interest. Commercial art meant to lure visitors to foreign hotels, perceive the glamour of airflight, voyage afar on luxurious steamships, or enjoy the grandeurs of railway travel can now be viewed by fresh eyes and, perhaps, the art can be celebrated for what it is.

  • The tiny, little town I live in is abundant with Antique shops, some of them overflowing with vintage labels. My grandmother was quite a collector of antiques and as well, held on to some items that she thought would be of value down the road. Amazing how on the mark she was. I have chosen not to hold on to general 'stuff' but have saved some memorabilia from travels such as WTC ticket stubs and such. I keep thinking that with such massive productivity almost nothing will be of value from '80's, '90's, etc. I am amazed when people collect things like 'beany babies'. I don't understand it. But then, I don't have the vision my grandmother had.