March 18, 2004

Hello Jesus mmmm, sacrilicious
  • From the April, 1984, National Lampoon Wow. Prescient. [ banana for koko ]
  • Flashbacks! Excellent. Anybody else remember Son-O'-God Comics? "... Goodbye, Laura Levy-- I'm dying for love for you!" [jumps onto subway track] Benny takes the name... "Hey, this is gonna hurt. JESUS CHRIST!" ** SHA-LOM!!! ** [Son-O'-God appears in Benny's stead]
  • maybe it was brought out again for Hello Passion
  • The funniest thing is that this is not even a tiny bit implausible.
  • Hello bloody little Jesus. Thanks you for dying for me. heh
  • I'm surprised this isn't for sale thru The Passion of The Christ website.
  • I'm surprised I didn't see a Jesus with giving the thumbsup like in Dogma.
  • I want to be a superhero whose catchphrase is ** SHA-LOM!! ** Beats the Tick, even. SPOON!
  • Classic stuff! Ahh, the memories.