March 18, 2004

Newseum presents 300-odd newspaper front pages from 38 countries. Very little good news, though. Wherever you monkeys hang out, what's your newspaper of choice? Do you have a favourite section, column or writer? What would you recommend to others?
  • I like the Washington Post for a daily news, but i'm biased toward it, just because my family got it when i was young, so i bonded with it. Also, the New York Times just doesn't have a comic section. For weekly news The Economist is a favorite. The New Newseum should be pretty cool, too. The original was really awesome, all sorts of journalistic fun.
  • This is a great source. Thanks, tqk.
  • Bookmarked this one -- thanks also.
  • Good site indeed. Nice interface, loads up quick and easy on the eye. aw geez, no Straits Times? Now I really feel like I'm from the sticks. *pout*
  • New flash version. Very cool -- gives a good sense of what's being considered important, where.