March 18, 2004

Today: Ultra-close Asteroid Flyby So long as their calculations are correct, 5pm EST should come and go safely:
  • i particularly enjoy headlines that begin with the phrase, "Earth safe..."
  • Mostly harmless.
  • duck!
  • 25k miles? Yikes! My grandmother more frequent flyer miles than that...
  • I thought I saw something out the window out of the corner of my eye...
  • It was discovered... *Monday*?! Isn't somebody supposed to be on the lookout for these things, or was their funding cut?
  • Um. In the future. At 5:00 p.m.
  • "Damn, I missed!" - God
  • in other news, seismologists report that california is 99% likely not to fall into the sea this afternoon.
  • Thank goodness it's not going to hurtle between the earth and the moon. That could be bad.
  • As long as I get a fabulous *shriek* Sunsword, I'm down with it.
  • Wedge: turns out all space object observation stations are on the northern hemisphere, none in teh southern. So I guess if we ever get hitby surprise, it's gonna be down the equator (crieps, that came out sounding bad).
  • If it does, I'll let you know, Flagpole. /deadpan
  • The problem with relying on machines to keep watch is that as the visionary documentary Maximum Overdrive shows, machines all go homicidal when asteroids get close.