March 18, 2004

For 10 years, Adrian Rodriguez has been photographing colorful dyes as they drip in his toilet bowl to make what he calls "toilygraphs.
  • So where does he do his business?
  • I hope you don't want to see pictures of THAT, Nostrildamus. Those pics are pretty sweet, yo.
  • weird but pretty
  • i hope he isn't renting.
  • Hhhmmm. Such a simple idea. Why do I always NOT have them? Nice pictures.
  • "But honey, I've REALLY got to go."
    "ARGH! And I just set this up ..."
  • HA! HA!
  • Um. I like those buttons he has for navigation. Reminds me of those old arcade machines. Um. Wouldn't his sink have done just as well? *suppresses urge to wash hands repeatedly after viewing site*
  • Would have been REALLY kool if the buttons made the colors swirl. Guess you can't have everything. Wasn't the one titled "Vortex" somewhat Tidy Bowl-esque?
  • From two years ago, March 18th, we had a day's total of 25 new threads, one of which was a curious George. This toilygraphic post would probably be of interest to dogs with shawls. Or dogs without shawls, I suppose, dogs being wot they are. Things are nothing in themselves, but only in relation to other things. Or something like that.