March 18, 2004

National map showing rough distribution of American party contributions. Click on the pie graphs to get more detailed on each city. Here's Manhattan. You can ever check out your own neighborhood, though I don't like the idea of having my address put up on the internet.
  • I like this, it's kind of nice knowing what side of the politcal spectrum people are on. It's too bad it you can't search by candidate or profession. Here are few I liked: Quin Snyder: Basketball Coach, University of Missouri- John Edwards $1,000 George H.W. Bush: Retired -George W. Bush $2,000 Jimmy Buffett: Songwriter/Singer Self-Employed- Bob Graham $2,000 and Wesley Clark $2,000 Warren Buffett: Chairman Berkshire Hathaway Inc.-Bob Graham $2,000 and Wesley Clark $2,000 Any other good ones?
  • George H.W. Bush: Retired -George W. Bush $2,000 What? Only a lousy 2k from Dad? Dubya: Dad, why do you hate America so much?
  • I think there's a $2000 limit.
  • Oh. My bad. I'll take it back. George H. W. Bush does not hate America. And neither does his son. It just looks that way.
  • Yeah, it might be nice knowing, but it still doesn't look good.
  • Karl Rove and his wife also gave $2000 each to Dubya. Now that's a big suprise.
  • Their sister site is interesting, too. So far Al Sharpton wins the pretty award, Dennis Kucinich wins the winner award, and our very own Bush wins the hummel figurine award.
  • John Edwards wins the Samuel Beckett award; George W. is the top pineapple, with Kucinich coming in a close second. Al Sharpton wins for "great hair," but we all knew that already.
  • Lieberman was the Olivia Newton-John candidate, Bush tops the charts in obsequiousness, and Edwards wins Lifetime Achievement. And I swear I'm done.
  • I'd trust these people more if they could spell Cincinnati. But yes, this is quite the neat resource.
  • I put in my address, to see if my recent gift would come up, and it didn't, but I did learn that I live two blocks from Craig Newmark, (founder of Craig's List) and generous donor to both Dean and Kerry. Woo-hoo!
  • Cutoff's December of last year. This list is the nosy neighbor's delight.
  • I'm a little lat to the party but... What's up with my home state Missouri being one of only a handful of bluish states?!? I was so happy I almost cried. Luckily, I only wet my pants.