December 03, 2003

Crawling towards christmas Came across this when planning christmas drinks for the team at work. Also in the past I've done the Monopoly.

Any ideas for crawls around the world?

  • Just a thought: How about finding a bar whose name reminds you of the country's leader? Another idea: bars that remind you of another country. One bar in Washington DC has all Soviet-era decor (think Lenin posters, lots of vodka). And the best Irish pub I ever went to (having never been to Ireland) was in Atlanta, GA. I was a party planner in a previous life. I will just go ahead & rein myself in now.
  • Is this anything like Slouching Towards Bethlehem?
  • It's very much like crawling through multiple threads.
  • You know, I have once again run out of things to say.
  • My jeans are all dusty from all this crawling.