December 14, 2007

Por for girls, by girls. SO degrading for men. (SFW)
  • SFW except for the word "PORN" in giant, readable-from-across-the-office letters at the top of the screen, that is.
  • that's nitpicking
  • This is degrading. To me.
  • I find it rather offensive myself.
  • I find myself rather offensive.
  • that's nitpicking Por for girls, by girls Lots of nits here. 'Here- have all my passwords' Whoa, now that's what I call unsafe sex.
  • I was thinking that actually women do like naked men. (And some women like naked women, and some like both). So if it's porn by girls for girls, where is the nakedness? Or the sexy taking off of clothes to get to nakedness, that is nice too. This site just seems to say that women don't really like sex. Which I know isn't true, or there would be no fanfiction. Women don't give men sex to get affection - they give men affection to get sex AND affection. But it is true that many women (myself included) don't seem to be that interested in visual porn - simple soft core (kissing, etc) can be sexy, but it seems to me that watching two (or more) people have sex is a) embarassing, because it is such a private act and b) not very sexy, because sex looks silly. Feels good, looks silly. But women seem quite interested in erotica. Which is nice, because that means you can have porn which is safe for work, provided the cover/title is discreet.
  • (for erotica, please forgive that it's basically my shortcut for "text based pornography, though sometimes with actual plot")
  • Women don't give men sex to get affection - they give men affection to get sex AND affection. Women generally give me sex to get money, or sometimes a laugh. Occasionally, both.
  • Monkeyfilter: feels good, looks silly they give men affection to get sex AND affection. Damn. Knew I was doing something wrong.
  • By girls named David McCandless?
  • I thought women had sex with you because you'd whined and pleaded enough that they felt a bit sorry for you and awkward?
  • Something about this is not turning me on. Is it the picture of a family having a turkey dinner? Is it the big shiny presents? Is it the pretty young man smiling all sheepishly? Is it the woman with the freakishly long forearms smiling sidelongishly? Wait: they offer "The internet now in handy book form." Okay. Come take me with that much passion.
  • The bodice-ripper is pr0n for girlz.
  • I second that-- holy shiznockle, are those things pornographic! No! No, that is certainly NOT the complete works of Johanna Lindsey you've found hidden under my bed.
  • I remember being at a doctor's waiting room, and starting reading some old Cosmo mag out of sheer boredom. Whoa...! The quite explicit 'how-to' articles, the letters... the astounded face of the woman I was waiting for, as she emerged from consultation and found me engrossed in the mag. 'No wonder you girls like this so much!' No, she didn' find that funny, either.
  • Don't you have anything like Punkin' and Dunkin'- the Twinkle Twins, Bonnie Crane: Girl Detective, or Lonelysocks? *blink*
  • freakishly long forearms I'd love to point out that it's just an effect of perspective. It isn't, the lady simply has (very)long forearms, and spider leg fingers.