December 07, 2007

A new Giant Spitting Cobra has been found in case you needed a new pet for Christmas. Basically, it's your run-of-the-mill brown nine-footer with venom for fifteen.

Photos to make you do the icky dance like a little girl and scream "OMGKILLITKILLIT" here and here. And no, we shouldn't kill the snakes. That's not nice... Oh Whacking Day! Oh Whacking Day! Our hallowed snake skull-cracking day!

  • I'll take a lump of coal instead, thanks.
  • The pics are nice, but there's nothing in most of them for a frame of reference in re: size. And I'd rather have a black mambo in my stocking.
  • I gotta giant spittin' cobra for ya right here, baby... sorry, but it was obligatory.
  • You kil't it