December 07, 2007

MOFICDX VII! It's been a while. The most recent MOFICDX (that I can find) was VI. Shotsy's old CDX board is defunct. Can we raise this tradition from the dead?

I've set up a Google Group called (creatively enough) MOFICDX. I'll admin, if no one else wants to. Anyone in? For me, these things work better with less time than more, but I am open to suggestions. I'LL EXCHANGE CD's WITH MYSELF IF I HAVE TO, BY GUM!

  • I'm going to start posting comments in here so it looks like someone other than me cares.
  • Me too!
  • Loser.
  • Sure why not.
  • do we want to do actual CDs? or instead just make mixes we could post online via one of these free large file server services? either way, i could use an influx of new music in my life...
  • Sure. Like I have anything else on my social calendar.
  • I want an actual CD from es el queso, preferably with an actual piece of cheese in it.
  • *starts figuring out how to feed a Kraft Single thru the inkjet printer*
  • One of the reasons I like to make actual CDs is that you also get to design the cover and the label, so it's a music project AND an art project. Count me in!
  • I tend to like actual CD's too. Part of the fun, for me, is the real-world manifestation of online people. BUT, it couldn't hurt to ALSO post MP3's at one of those places, so monkeys who were not in your group can still dig your stuff. If you want.
  • Can we do 8-track? Either way, I'm in.
  • Sounds like fun!
  • *has been collecting vast amounts of new Euro-pop for just such an occasion*
  • Hey, yeah! I would love to do this. I need both new music and yet another excuse to dick around on the computer and avoid my actual life.
  • Was that a speedlime?
  • I'm somewhat new around here. From what I can tell, I'm pretty interested in participating. The FAQ in the old thread is MIA. How does it work?
  • I'm in (^_^)
  • KevvinSevvin - How it works is:
    1. We settle on a date to close the swap to members. I'm thinking this coming Friday the 14th, a week from the date the thread started. It'll be buried by then and I suppose we'll have gotten everyone we're getting.
    2. Everyone signs up for the Google group. It's a good way to centralize the information and have the ability to email while keeping it reasonably private. If anyone REALLY has a problem joining the group I'll take care of you but the group'll be easiest.
    3. I mix and match names so we end up with groups containing roughly 6. Each monkey then makes 5 mix CD's and sends them out to the other 5 people in their group. We'll need to settle on a date to send the CD's. My initial thought is Monday, January 7th - 1 month since the opening of the thread - but I'm open to suggestions.
    4. Each monkey RECEIVES 5 CD's in the mail, and wonders about the odds of receiving 5 diffferent CD's containing the same obscure Partridge Family B-side.
    5. Profit!!
    Tell your monkey buddies! The more people who sign up the more fun we'll have! I'll be updating the groups page and this thread with updates, so keep checking back in. I'll also post relevant information and links on the group thread (CD templates that I've found useful, a primer on copyright law, etc...)
  • I'm torn. Last time I totally flaked and I still feel bad. I want to join, though... Oh, okay. Put me down.
  • I'm in!
  • Why yes it is... hello, Cap'n!
  • Could I leave a mix somewhere on t'internet? If so, I can do it. Otherwise, I won't get it together. Sorry, but letters to my family sit around for months before I get it together. Mrs Roryk is the only reason anything gets posted around here... I don't mean to be a wanker but I just don't get this sort of thing done very well. Sorry.
  • I'm in, if I may. I think physical CDs are a good idea because they force you to have a limited time to the mix, and to think about the mix as a linear experience. Mp3s can be played in any order - an audio CD is usually played straight through. So you have to think about how the music fits together - create an experience. Also, the labelling, etc is part of the fun.
  • But I would suggest not closing the swap until at least 2 weeks. I know that lately I haven't been online as much, but I still see new threads when I log in. I have been waiting for a new exchange for a while, and would have been very disapointed to have missed it. I realise that makes it a shorter time from closing of thread to mailing, but everyone can start planning their mixes now. mothninja - I have a copy of the CDs from Eurovision 2007. It's beautiful. and bad. and beautiful.
  • Oh, man. Should I sign up? I always flake out of these things. On the other hand: I still have the cds from the last one that I flaked out of. (See, I made all of them, but I didn't mail them.) On the other other hand: there are two songs on that mix that I would swap out for something else. Urgh.
  • You got further than I did, verbminx. I have access to a decent printer this time too, so I hope I can come up with something interesting for CD covers.
  • OK, I need to make up for flaking out of the last one. I'm in.
  • OK! So, a motion is on the floor to extend sign-ups for one week. No dissenting opinions have been offered, the motion passes due to inertia and apathy. The new sign-up deadline is now Friday, December 21. I say we leave the send CD's date the same - January 7. I figure those of us already signed up can make our CD's without knowing the full size of the final group, and those who sign up late can just sprint a little. Any dissenting opinions? Also, to be clear: anyone who wants to post their MP3's somewhere are welcome and encouraged to do so, and are also welcome and encouraged to use this thread and the MOFICDX group to do so BUT saying "I'm in!" or signing up for the group means making CD's. Unless you say it doesn't. So, keep spreading the word! (Tracicle, any way we could get the sidebar link that currently goes to Shotsy's dead board to go here or the MOFICDX group instead?)
  • *bump for sidebar* Join us! You know you want to!
  • Ooh dirtdirt, I'll try to remember to do that tonight. More! More people!
  • I have blank CDs ready to have funkified beats and hard rockin' power chords forged onto their pristine surfaces in the white hot raging furnace of my home PC. I really need to get a new fan installed.
  • You'd better hurry up and tell us who's sending to whom if your mailing deadline is January 7th.
  • Ok monkeys! We're CD swapping! Normally we would do groups of five but unfortunately we have had a sort of feeble turnout for this swap - 13 people. In this case I think it'd be best to split into two roups, one of 6 people and one of 7 people. If you have a different proposal I'd be happy to hear it. 4,4,5 could work too, but then many of us would only get 3 CD's. I'm a more is better guy. If you know anyone (or several anyone's) who could round our number up to 15, that'd be ideal. At any rate, your mission: 1) Reply to this, saying you are still in for the swap, and are willing to make 5 or 6 CD's (or that you are NOT still in, or only want to make two CD's, or you have a hut-in grandmother who wants to make CD's, or whatever) 2) Send an email to ME ( with your Monkeyfilter handle, your real name and your mailing address. 3) Wait patiently while this information works it's way through the machinery. Eventually this large group will be split into several smaller and nearly equal groups. Wow! 4) Receive email from me with your group information. 5) Make CD's! 6) Send off CD's several days too late, pretending like you've already sent them and don't know why they haven't shown up yet. (I've also posted this to the group)
  • I'm still in!
  • Also in still.
  • Also also in.
  • In addition to being an international bon vivant and gadfly, I'm a reviewer for a Jazz magazine. I literally have scores of review CDs sitting around. They are a cross-section of various styles of jazz with an emphasis on obscure European artists and the avant-garde. All yours, free! (for the cost of shipping) to anyone who wants them. Lemme know.
  • OMFG only a year late and I'M ACTUALLY BURNING THE GODDAM CDS!! *hangs head in procrastinatory shame, apologises profusely to the Odd Group* Do not give up hope! Much like previous swaps, it's a mix of European music sung in languages other than English. Yay for exporting culture. I'm making a bunch of 'em so if anyone not part of the swap wants one, just send me an email with your addy at anna AT mothninja DOT com and I will more than gladly send one over to you. Happy holidays! cross-posted to gift-swap thread