November 27, 2007

Here's the Story... [NSUAC]

Not Safe Under Any Circumstances

  • Heh. I like how it's set up as 5:00 minutes long but only lasts 0:58.
  • synopsis?
  • Synopsis: YouTube freak "celebrities" set to Brady Bunch theme song. Wow, do I hope for her (his?) sake that that lady is a dude in drag, because, if not, eeesh.
  • I am unable to watch YouTube videos as I have poor motion vision. No text equivalent has been supplied. I have no knowledge of the 'Brady Bunch' as I am not from Ameristan. I have never used the internet as it is the Devil's own tube. This post is epic fail. kthnxbi
  • Banana bunch for TUM!
  • Where's the text version?
  • This thread is taking too long to load. I say we start a new one.