December 03, 2003

The perfect holiday gift! Finally, something special for everyone in your life, from your significant other to your parents and the mailman: A nude photograph of yourself!
  • Great Idea, SD! But I'm fearful a close-up of my freakishly un-tanned tummy would cause retinal burn in the viewer.
  • Great Idea, SD! But I'm fearful a close-up of my freakishly pale tummy (insert image of mozzarella ball here) would cause retinal burn in the viewer.
  • (I like the mozzarella ball comment better-- please disregard first one...)
  • Hmm. I got net-nannied. Is that NSFW?
  • Me too. And please don't tell me it ends in "se".
  • bah. it's perfectly safe for work! these are ARTISTS, or at least that's what they insist. they are the PROFESSIONAL Association of ARTISTIC Nude Photographers. see? both professional and artistic. unless, of course, they are photographers who take photos while nude.
  • they have a code of ethics which includes: 10. I will not touch any client without asking for and getting his/her permission prior to doing so.
  • and of course before you see your member of the Professional Association of Artistic Nude Photographers, you must decide... Is it a full body shot or an abstract of just select body parts? heh.
  • (SD-- I think what the "Net-Nanny" comment referred to, at least for me, was the cryptic "Israel Colon" shoutout from Finnegan.) Finnegan-- please beginnagain?
  • Can you see this? I just noticed that one of their photographers looked quite silly and was called Israel Colon. Being terminally childish, I called attention to this.
  • That is my father. He must work three jobs to stay so groomed.
  • So, SideDish, this instead of your nog carol book as a holiday card? Hmm. Regarding that site, when they directory of top photographers of the human form.... Of the human form, seems....well, there's something wrong with calling a nude a nude? The human form? WTF? I don't know....the copy just rubs me the wrong way.
  • "My name is Israel Colon. Photographer. Model. Superhero. Come with me and I shall save you from this wretched life you call... life."
  • Ah, was this the first indication of SideDish's, er, wacky side? I'm not sure.
  • Hey look! We're famous!