November 07, 2007

Battle Cries. When war comes, songwriters take up their pens.
  • IMO, there aren't nearly enough anti-war songs these days. Just what do songwriters find more important than what's being done in their name?
  • Ooh I love that Soulja Boy dance!!
  • The Billboard Top Ten looks like the accountancy or consultancy industry. The article missed the egregious Bush was right from the Right Brothers, and the highly entertaining Red, White, and Blue from Sandy Belle.
  • For anyone who has not heard it or thinks that they do not like Elvis Costello, I cannot possibly recommend strongly enough that they check out "Shipbuilding." It is among the songs linked to in the article.
  • I would have thought One Tin Soldier warranted a mention. Or Happy Christmas.
  • There's lots missing. I Ain't Marchin' Anymore by Phil Ochs...War Pigs by Black Sabbath...
  • From The Onion: Country Music Stars Challenge Al Qaeda With Patriotic New Song Bomb New York