November 07, 2007

The mysterious death of Lyndon LaRouche's printer. 'The LaRouche movement has been called many things: Marxist, fascist, a political cult, a personality cult, a criminal enterprise, and, in the words of the Heritage Foundation, "one of the strangest political groups in American history." More than anything else, however, what it resembles is a vast and bizarre vanity press...One of the LaRouche movement's longest-serving loyalists was Ken Kronberg. A handsome classics scholar and drama teacher, Kronberg owned and managed PMR Printing, the outfit that has generated the idiosyncratic propaganda that sustains LaRouche's entire enterprise.'
  • inhaling this now. Great shit, man. The Rouchies are funny as hell. Do they still have that table in the lower level of the Seattle airport terminal?
  • I thought my printer died a mysterious death, but it turned out that it just needed a new toner cartridge.
  • Excellent article so far (still reading). I didn't know that much about LaRouche, other than the occasional wacko quiz-show anecdote about him. I read things like this:
    Events took an even darker turn in 1972, when LaRouche became convinced that Chris White, his ex-wife's new boyfriend, had been brainwashed by the British to assassinate LaRouche. He undertook a two-week "deprogramming" of White, a process that started in Kronberg's apartment on West Seventy-third Street. According to a tape recording later obtained by the New York Times, these sessions were marked by "sounds of weeping and vomiting." At one point, according to the Times, a voice could be heard saying, "Raise the voltage."
    ...and I find I am sucked in. Explains much of my fascination in Scientology scandals, I suppose. I don't know what that says about me.
  • If someone out there wasn't exploring the crazy edges of the map...
  • So, who's voting for the Citizens Electoral Council in the upcoming Australian election?
  • I'll vote for anybody as long as it's not John Howard. Currently I'm voting for a guy who eats his own earwax.
  • More Australian voters would like to see Labor Opposition leader Kevin Rudd naked than their current prime minister, John Howard, a poll showed on Sunday just two weeks out from a hard-fought general election.
  • general erection
  • racist