November 01, 2007

Google Earth flight simulator. Looks like an awful lot of readin' and remembrin'.
  • *crashes and burns
  • I can't get this to work! Am I missing something here? It sounds so exciting.
  • *does a barrel roll over Dreadnought's house*
  • I tried it and was a lethal pilot. Is this one of those things where you need to read the manual?
  • Dread, Ctrl-Alt-A didn't work for me, either, but Ctrl-Win-A did. I understand for some people plain Ctrl-A does it. This is pretty cool stuff. I flew to Southend (I think), then West and a tiny bit North. I thought I was in Hampshire, which seemed a bit hilly, but when I crashed I found I was in Anglesey.
  • you're all terrorists!
  • Damn, now the controls jammed just as I was crossing Lake Geneva. It's OK folks, I am not at work today :)
  • Oh, wow, that is extremely cool. Thanks guys!
  • Oh, wow, that is extremely cool. Thanks guys!
  • Oh, wow, that is extremely cool. Thanks guys!
  • But is it cool?
  • You're welcome. You're so welcome. You're welcome, already!! Why did I say that? I'm not even the poster.
  • How did that post three times? I only clicked the button once! (but it's still cool)
  • This is the only flight simulator I have ever found in which I was actually able to successfully land the damn plane. In an airport. Without crashing. Well, OK so I forgot the key to cut engines, so I ended up driving the plane into a pasture next to the airport because it wouldn't stop, but damn, when I did stop it I was proud of myself. Plus I buzzed the Eiffel tower during my flight.
  • *reminds self never to fly with frogs *wonders how many frogs actually fly