October 31, 2007

Mashable , a blog famous (infamous?) for its long link-lists of resources for webmasters and blogheads (50 Widgets for Your Blog, 230 Tools for Running a Business Online, 400 Resources To Make You Smarter, Faster & a Demon in the Sack, Top 10 Blog Awards) has made up a surprisingly unnumbered list of Top Places To Get Free and Legal Music that includes (OMIGAWD!!!) the "MonkeyFilter MP3 Blog Listing (and shrine to MoFi's Own forksclovetofu)".

It's just nice to see that the MonkeyHaus can get acknowledged by other media entities, just like that OtherFilter. (And Mashable.com is just as credible as the New York Times, right?) Besides, this week, they're doing a contest with prizes including cash for the Best Comment Troll. A great opportunity for the Monkeys to do some serious poo-flinging. Bwahahahaha!

  • Mashable's Best Places, is a direct link to the atricle. Thank's Wendell!
  • That link is in my post... you just gotta dig around the other links for it (but I thought you WANTED to know how to become "smarter, faster and a demon in the sack" - which, it turns out is referring to burlap sacks).
  • Wendell, i don't think I'll use much of this, but you're still the dog's pajamas for posting it. I'm already a demon in the sack--burlap or flour, take your pick, baby.
  • BlueHorse, but if you follow the yellow brick road to the Tofuhut, he's got some stuff even us mature folk can boogie to.
  • Ooh, thanks, Wendy! Bookmarked for much later perusal.