October 31, 2007

Exmortis is a Flash game with some excellent atmosphere. The opening premise is rather familiar in games of this type - you wake up in the woods with a lump on your head, no memory, and a creepy old house ahead of you. Turn the lights down, the sound up, and get ready for a decently spooky atmosphere as you explore the mysteries of the abandoned building. The sequel is a good followup to Exmortis. Though the game can stand alone, it really picks up where the first one left off, as you deal with the aftermath of events in Exmortis. Squeamish be warned: graphic content and profanity to be found in the Exmortis games.

Less of a game and more of a linear interactive movie, Haunted House Massacre still manages to deliver some decent atmosphere. Its rather linear qualilty also makes it a bit easier to get through than many of the other games that are sprinkled through this Gothtoberfest post-a-thon. A little change of pace in the silly/spooky games: Help Father Painbringer bring peace to the undead hordes in Ghoul Academy, through the gentle medium of the double-barrel shotgun. Fill the Ghoul Harvest Meter by destroying ghouls in any way you can. That brings us to the end of your Gothtoberfest post-a-thon. We now return you to your regularly scheduled MoFi. Happy Halloween!

  • *standing ovation*
  • *joins ovation* Encore, encore!
  • *throws handfuls of candy, accidentally hits Christophine in the eye, apologizes*
  • Awesome! Best MoFi month of posts ever!
  • I shall ignore that comment, Lara. You knew I've been away all month.
  • Thanks for the magical mystery tour of the Dark Side, Christophine. May the Great Pumpkin be with you!
  • Turd in the punchbowl: Could this be an IE-specific site? I get the house in the woods to load, but my pointy hand thingy does nothing.
  • Works for me with FF, turd. But I quit after I got to the cellar, 'cause I'm all alone in a 100+ year old house this Hallowe'en night, and skeert!
  • BOO!!
  • -ZE!!!
  • /swoon
  • I can't get into the basement in Ex Mortis. I went into the attic, found three books (bedroom, library, and parlor) and saw the little girl. I know there's one stupid thing I have to do, but haven't been able to get it yet. Any hints? And thanks for all the chills (belatedly) Christophine! )))))!
  • There's a walkthrough for Exmortis. If you want something more hint-like and less spoilery, I'll see if I can distill it down to something less direct.
  • I think I got it. Cool, thanks!
  • Yay for the month! On a personal note, no yay for Exmortis. (Still yay for posting it! All my non-yays go to the creators.) I've played a lot of these games and this is the only one I closed after a couple of minutes. It's not really an issue of subject matter -- it's an issue of startles. I hate being startled (I have anxiety disorder, which means an exaggerated startle response, which means I try to avoid stuff that needlessly amps up my adrenaline like that). But if you like horror movies of this kind it'll be right up your alley. And if you don't... well, no joke on the warnings. Meanwhile, lazylaces and nordinho and other spots have a zillion other games listed.... :)