October 30, 2007

Waitless - time saving tidbits Some cute and interesting ways to save time. A few are scientifically interesting (quick sorbet) others just fun to try, (parking). Thank you BBSpot.
  • Caffeine shakes - I hit "post" instead of "preview". Sorry for the errors. It should be 'Waitless' and the Thank you goes to BBSpot.
  • Turbo Parking gave me a nice chuckle.
  • Nice. The trick with the potato is impressive, though I don't really believe it would save me any time (even apart from the fact that the quickest way is not to peel it at all).
  • Yeah, how long do you have to boil the potato? The only thing I boil potatoes for is to mash them, but it'd have to be quicker to peel a tater, cut it up into small chunks, and then boil, instead of boiling the spud whole. (But I like skin in my mashed potatoes anyway.)
  • Am I right in thinking this is all a big ad for Sprint?
  • Yes.
  • That may be the first instance of right-thinking on MoFi in several months, Lara.
  • I can't do the shoe speed tie to save my life.
  • But here's my question with the potato -- aren't you cooling down a perfectly hot potato?
  • If you're going to make potato salad, that's a bonus. I think it's asking for trouble to show all these perfectly usable life tools, then throw in the speed parking as though it were another shortcut you should use.
  • Here's an interesting way to save time: Have information in an easily readable form...say "words" or something, so I can learn that information by "reading" the words, thereby not having to load a fucking video just to find out how to peel a fucking potato.
  • Yeah but the models doing the demos are all really cute.
  • I like Miss Tangle-Free-Cord-Wrap, myself.