October 30, 2007

bsimple is the gallery of conceptual photographer Misha Gordin (some images NSFW). Gordin's work often makes abstractions out of the human form, sometimes photographing multiple models together to create intricate patterns. Some images hint at the darker side of life, such as conformity and isolation even within a crowd.

"My task is the reunion of the visible and the invisible worlds, photography allows me to pervert the established method of perception amongst those who see and those who don’t." So says Evgen Bavcar (some images NSFW), a man who lost both his eyes before he was twelve in two consecutive accidents. Bavcar's work is black and white, and even his simplest images are fascinating and beautiful. Wes Hardison at Vision Obscured also does wonderful photography, his work spanning both color and black and white, from landscapes to portraiture. I especially love his work in the Time Obscured gallery. His Figure gallery contains some NSFW images, but the rest is safe for working Monkeys.