October 28, 2007

La piedra de Anamara (The stone of Anamara) While running from the police, you find what seems to be a perfect hiding place. It's not long before you must deal with supernatural forces and mysteries hidden in the mental asylum for children.

XRaye is a simple game in concept, but nicely executed. Turn all the pegs yellow to advance to the next level. Some pegs must be hit more than once. Left and right arrow keys move you from peg to peg, space bar makes you detach from the peg you're on, ctrl skips the next peg you would have contacted. Not really a game, but a cute little Flash timewaster: Build your Wild Self is offered by New York Zoos and Aquariums. First you build your human avatar, and then graft on various animal parts. Mine own efforts toward my virtual Halloween disguise.

  • I couldn't even find the key to get into the damned building. Some "perfect hiding place" that is
  • look in the mailbox with the leaflet!
  • TO BE CONTINUED?!?!?!?! That's one of the most well-executed flash/escape games I've ever played. DAMN!
  • OpenDNS has the first link, http://usuarios.arnet.com.ar/rodriguezm/index.htm, tagged as a phishing site. Maybe so, maybe not, but beware. OpenDNS info is here.
  • Well, I played the whole game, and not one demon asked me for my credit card number or email address.
  • Here's something kinda like what OpenDNS interjects when one of its users tries to visit that site.
  • Looks interesting, too tired, maybe tomorrow. *yawn Bedtime.
  • Lots of fun and I totally cheated. Once you get through everything and come to the upstairs is the door supposed to open, or is that in the "to be continued" part of the game?
  • My desktop wallpaper is a picture of Kid #1 with a walrus lower half, bat wings, shark teeth, sea lion ears, zebra forelegs, and giraffe horns. He made it himself and is very proud.
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  • If you guys want a really gory flash game, try Dark Cut 2. You're a civil war surgeon performing operations. WARNING VERY GRAPHIC. IF FLASH PUS BOTHERS YOU OR REMOVING LIMBS BOTHERS YOU DO NOT CLICK. Hint: the timer slows down if you keep the patient drunk.
  • That's the "to be continued" squiddy. They'd better get continuing.