October 27, 2007

Cronyism American Style Can you believe it? Some third world country elected the wife of a former president as the new prez. What kind of banana republic sh*t is that?
  • This is nothing new for Argentina. Peron originally came to power partially on the charisma of his mistress (and then later second wife) Eva who, truth be told, was dearer in the eyes of the people than he ever was. His third wife Isabel rose to power not on leadership skills, but through stealth and the halo effect of her last name and her husband's wildly popular previous wife. There should be a law preventing sons, daughters, wives and husbands from running for presidential office within at least four terms of their family member. It would keep down the cronyism which has affected the US for the past 20 (and could possibly turn into 28!!!) years.
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  • The revolution will be accessorized. Just remember if Hillary gets elected, who you gonna quote.
  • Hillary being an "innie" doesn't bother me a bit. Neither that's she's a Dem. But the fact that sons, wives, and extending into the rest of the gov't - cousins, dads, great-aunts, third carbuncles etc are getting the nod bothers me to no end. Ah well, Rome (and probably all other empires) also passed through stages of intense nepotism and so will the US empire, I suppose.
  • I blame that Ghandi, the beastly little shit. And don't get me started on Aung San Sui Kyi!
  • Well, if it's a choice between Hillary or Jeb, I'll still pick Hillary.
  • I've seen uglier mugs on dollar bills...
  • (Uh, that wasn't a reference to Hillary, although I suppose it'd still hold true.)
  • I blame John Quincy Adams. And what was up with that whole Anti-Masonic Party thing, anyway?
  • Well, looking on the bright side, political assassinations become that much more easily planned. I mean, look at the Kennedy's.
  • And with that, the secret service is hiding under your bed.
  • Pretty crowded what with Commies and Al-Quaeda under there already.