October 18, 2007

Sex, Nazi, burrito and Viagra: Who Googles what?
  • Some unexpected results in there. Very interesting.
  • If anyone was surprised by the sex-related results (such as "sex" itselt), bear in mind that most porn is in English. If you are looking for porn and you do not speak English, then you are going to search for "sex." If you can speak English, then you might search for something slightly more nuanced like "bit tits," "midget fucking cocker spaniel," or "owl semen."
  • I can truthfully say I have never googled for burrito, hangover, or marijuana. My three latest searches were easy banana cookies, hangnails, and deadly staph. There you have it.
  • Wow. Maybe national stereotypes aren't so far off after all.
  • Hmm, well, I was hungry, and remembered the weekend party, so...
  • I Google all sorts of bizarre stuff in Chinese when I'm translating, trying to get a context for stuff I don't understand, then tack on English words to some things as I guess at meanings and look for some sort of reputable bilingual cite. I always hope the Internet nanny state here is keeping a log of unusual activity and some poor secret police functionary lies awake at night trying to crack the code.
  • These Nazi burritos. Where can I buy them?
  • These Nazi burriots . . they dance?
  • These Nazi burritos...they occasion questions?
  • Nein, schweinhund! They will ask der questions!
  • Our last production of The Mikado was set during WWII. There was a party secene in the beginning where we had to be laughing and joking, so we all wrote jokes involving ducks and Nazis. (Most of them were retrofits of existing duck jokes.) At one point we put them all on our web site, so if you had googled "Nazi duck jokes form the Mikado" you would actually get a hit. (It's no longer there, though.)
  • so if you had googled "Nazi duck jokes from the Mikado" you would actually get a hit. And now you'll get a link to this thread.