October 18, 2007

The Artwork Of Katherine Dinger (Lot of pictures, takes some time to load, some are somewhat NSFW depending on your boss) She is amazing! Katherine Dinger creates mostly digital paintings. She keeps a blog. These are absolutely stunning.
  • Okay, no more art posts for me. =)
  • That was very beautiful work. I can't decide which I like most, because there are just too many that wow me. I also like that she has tutorials for how she achieves some of her effects. I'll have to give some of her techniques a try, aspiring graphic artist that I am. Great post. ))))))
  • Mmm . . it wasn't really for me. (the art that is). I only wish I could say why.
  • By contrast, I liked it: but I couldn't say why either. The blog is a bit sparse. As she says: Hahahaha... I'm such a friggin' liar. I never updated. ;_; In fact, she updates regularly - once every year.