September 26, 2007

Bulletproof Halo Suit Troy Hurtubise has created a bullet-proof suit inspired by Star Wars and other video games and hopes to market it to the military.[Tiny URL]
  • I need one. NEED.
  • The guy's a loon but ya gotta admire his persistence.
  • Yeah, our soldiers can't even get the current issue body armor, and this guy thinks the military is gonna spring for this stuff?
  • "Dangling between the legs, that would be a clock." That's a typo, right?
  • It would be interesting to see how it stands up to shrapnel.
  • Halo, ev'ry body, halo! Halo's the shampoo that glorifies your hair! Halo, ev'rybody, halo, Halo, shampoo, halo!
  • In February, Troy put the suit up for sale.
  • Video of Troy's Super Suit.
  • Man, it's too bad that this guy is a realy good inventor and no one wants to buy his stuff.
  • That looks very impressive. I want his armoured moustache. He looks like Kryten.
  • Man, if it works as well as advertised, seems like a well-designed piece of work. Shame it's probably going to break him.
  • And it looks like eBay pulled the auction, too. :(
  • Wait, I misread that. The auction was in February.
  • I want one. My buttcheeks need more armor.
  • But wait, will this protect me against brain-eating amoebae?
  • Butthead?