September 09, 2007

Sunglasses with hidden camera make you the ultimate pervert! Just think of all the possibilities! I think the MPAA is going to hate these. A lot.
  • It's not the glasses that make me a pervert!
  • I guess the goggles actually do something now.
  • Ah, come on; pin-head cameras small enough to pass as a button on a lapel have been aroudn since, uh... *cough*
  • Hmmmmmmm, it's awful small, kind of grainy, I think I can...almost make out...nope, that's not it. *disappointment ensues
  • Monkeyfilter: it's awful small, kind of grainy
  • What can i say, the water was very cold.
  • I'm already the ultimate pervert!!!
  • No, no, that's the quidnunc kid.
  • I always thought of him more as a perversion-magnet...
  • It has been my life's work to find a unified theory that would (using the requisite number of dimensions) combine the four fundamental forces of gravity, electromagnetism, the weak nuclear force as carried by the W and Z bosons, and my desire to fuck goats. The fact that you choose to mock that lofty ambition says a lot more about your own conservative thinking than it does about a disgusting old goatfucker like me.
  • Suddenly the beach will be full of 50-year olds that look like Isaac Asimov.
  • I thought Benny Hill was the ultimate pervert.
  • No that was Medusa + oven mitt + iguana + Benny Hill music.
  • No that was Medusa + oven mitt + iguana + Benny Hill music.
  • Ah, that's right. But no rufflebutts. *sigh*
  • No?!! Well I'm off on strike! What do we want?! When do we want it?!