August 26, 2007

FLUBBER or FLABBER? More akin to blubber. And what do they mean by, "in a male-friendly way."? "Be gentle with me Maybelle," he quavered.
  • Well it's about time somebody mentioned the man-boobs!
  • And it doesn't help that TV and movies are full of overweight men with perfect-bodied women.
  • Three quarters!? THREE QUARTERS!? Wow. Holy shit. Why is it that I never seem to see that many overweight men? I mean, there aren't that many at my college, and it's pretty large. Jesus, people seriously need to start looking after their health. Wow.
  • Well, the men (and the women) don't really start putting on weight until their mid-twenties or so.
  • Freaking brits. What the hell is a "slimming club"?
  • Maybe it's a swimming club for people with heavy accents.