August 26, 2007

A wounded WW2 Czech insurgent finds a weird structure in a cave. "Crawling through & still kneeling, I froze in amazement - there stands something like a large, black silo, framed in white. Regaining breath I thought that this is a bizarre, natural wall or curtain of black salt, or ice, or lava. But... it is a glass-smooth flank of a seemingly man-made structure which reaches into the rocks on all sides. Beautifully, cylindrically curved it indicates a huge body with a diameter of about 25 meters." Odd.
  • Forgive my skimming, but no one has actually found this cave yet? Has no one tried? As I said, I may have missed something in my skimming. I LOVE shit like this. Love it. I will go look for the damn thing if I have to.
  • I expected "EXPEDITION ONE TO THE MOONSHAFT" at the end of the first article to be a link to information about an expedition. But no.
  • Quite a fascinating read, especially for someone with a mind that is easily swayed to daydream... Not only that, but now I feel like getting naked and lathering my body in mutton-fat to go'er spelunking!
  • They forgot to mention that mutton-fat attracts rats. And cockroaches. But, hey! You go right on in. I'll be back here behind you Way behind.
  • uh oh
  • aha! just like here... - clever use of 404 for scary thrills.