August 23, 2007

Police plant agents at protest Bad cop, no donut.
  • Fucking pigs.
  • I'm sure if I was wearing a bandanna and toting a rock, a line of police officer would have no problem with me standing only a few inches in front if them and shoving other people. It's not like they really use those weapons in those kind of situations. Think they did to meet a quota, or were they just seeking the excitement of government sanctioned mass beatings.
  • That was a very gentle arrest. They virtually handed themselves in. Hmmm...? Those cop gas masks are pretty cool though. I wants one.
  • I don't know if you'd go to a rally expecting to fill a cop quota, would you? I expect it's just plain common-or-garden fascist thuggery. Then again, cops aren't renowned for their great intellectual skills. They used to do this all the time in the UK when I was a protest-going student. Pretty common for the filth to put quite a few of their own among the crowds to stir things up or round up people, whatnot. I expect it's usual cop business.
  • Remember, kids, if your duty assignment is to be an agent provocateur at a protest rally, don't wear your police-issue boots.
  • “We don’t get into strategic details of what we do,” said Const. Jayson Gauthier of the Surete du Quebec. 'Cause that would require, like, being honest and shit.
  • Cappy, you goddam Frenchy. Enough with the boots already. Get me one of those damn gas masks and get me one NOW!!!
  • gas masks are cool, police thuggery and underhandedness is not.
  • I'm shocked by this! Shocked, I say! We've fallen a long way vis-a-vis trusting those who would protect and servce. For good reason, sadly. Would be interesting to see data on public trust of government and police from the early 60s vs. today. Of course, minority groups discarded their blinders long long ago, if they ever wore 'em.
  • Ain't democracy grand?
  • minority groups discarded their blinders long long ago, if they ever wore 'em. And the rest of us just have the wool pulled over our eyes.
  • Same shit. Different day.
  • Ain't democracy grand? It ain't democracy, it's power. Show me a political system, and I'll show you people who control the system.
  • All i can say, it wasn't me. I don't wear those kinda boots, okay? *throws rock*
  • Oh, my! Color me surprised.
  • Surprised they admitted it, yes. Whether you believe their bit about 'we're just observing, not wanting to incite violence, but here we are with rocks in our hands', that's another matter.
  • Oo, heads are gonna roll.
  • Reminds me of the time Tom Servo built a death ray, but only for peaceful purposes.