August 17, 2007

Prodigy Schmodigy , My Kid Could Paint That.

Breaking into the art world, public (and MoFi) consciousness at age 4, Marla Olmstead is now 6 years old. See her gallery. Watch her work: (Real: 1, 2), (WMV: 1, 2), (QT: 1, 2) Her story stirs up the age-old questions of "What is art?", "prodigy or hoax?" and yes, even reincarnation.

  • I've seen worse. Then again, I've seen better.
  • The Art section of my brain is now closed. Please exit the consciousness with your images immediately. Thank you. *bing*
  • I liked her early work better.
  • Before she sold out
  • Yeah, at three her art was a statement. Now, she's abandoned her social conscience, and she no longer paints to expose the hypocrisies of our time. Anyone wonder what her dad's paintings look like? She's an nice little girl. She paints very nice pictures. Maybe when she's older, she will be an artist of some consequence. Meanwhile, people who pay 25,000 for one of her paintings have way too much money. Or perhaps this is hype? Wait, it's not ham, it's art! I like blue things.
  • The biggest question for me is: How unusual is her talent. If we started giving kids that size of canvas and that many tubes of acrylic and the necessary number of brushes and trowels, (etc.) how many of them would produce similar work? I would imagine that she is remarkable more for being given the opportunity to produce, than anything. Kids are the best science projects, aren't they?
  • What GranMa and mecurious said.
  • Childish, derivative, tame and bland. Buy now, 'cause these babies are gonna skyrocket!