August 06, 2007

Pirate Bay Shut Down...Again. the action of the Swedish police has already generated fierce Debate.

The thread I linked generated the awesome quote of "It is called democracy, and sometimes it is not a very good idea. The most popular people are in power, not the most competent or intelligent."

  • It was not shut down. The attempt was a failure. It is still up. This was about a month ago, IIRC. There was no kiddy pr0n & TPB removes all material like that anyway. I think the attempt was some kind of filter (censorship) by the Swedish cops, but they've since said that TPB won't be added to this filter.
  • In fact, the most recent news from the piratebay folks is that they are resurrecting suprnova. Link to story easily googled.
  • And let's not forget that all sorts of things generate fierce debate.
  • Hi, kids. Frogs here. Always pay artists for their work. God knows the RIAA and MPAA would never underpay the performers! Don't steal! ('cause the RIAA hates competition). fnord fnord note that The Pirate Bay is apparently only blocked for internet users within Sweden, and when I did a search for Wilco two seconds ago it listed lots of live torrents. fnord. The international arms of the RIAA and MPAA are only doing their jobs to protect the artists they exploit, uh, I mean represent. Tip your waiter. That is all.