July 23, 2007

Mmmm .. STRING! Just loved Chapter Five, but Chapter Two and Chapter Three are pretty hot too.
  • This came out some time ago, and remains fantastic.
  • Thanks for this. I want to learn more about string and knot be a frayed of it.
  • This post made me nervous and strung out.
  • Don't get wound up BH. You're probability just tied.
  • By coincidence i'm reading Brian Greene's other book , The Fabric of the Cosmos. Very enjoyable. Also I hope they find the Higgs Boson. I have no idea where it is. Also why aren't more people interested in this stuff? There's more noise about Paris Hilbilly than about the deep nature of the universe. C'mon, humans, smarten up!
  • SB, with you it's either one thing or tether. I'm not going to get roped into a discussion about the deep nature of the universe. Truss me, it's not fun. Now, let's get loose here. Hawser daddy?
  • OMG, Granma, this just in: Socialite discover Higgs Boson (AP Newswire). The arcane world of particle physics was shaken today by the unexpected discovery of the Higgs Boson (sometimes referred to as the God Particle) by hotel heiress and party-girl, Paris Hilton. Holding an impromptu news conference, Paris told the crowd of paparazzi about the peculiar event, which occurred yesterday evening while she was applying make-up in her bathroom in preparation for the Schwarzchild Radius Gala. "I reached in to my makeup kit and pulled out like these two little bits of string and they kinda stuck together in a neato fashion". Paris quickly deduced that the curious topology validated one of the longstanding predictions of the Standard Model of particle physics. "I believe this obsoletes the need for the Large Hadron Collider", she added referring to the gargantuan particle accelerator being built in Geneva by CERN, the European physics research facility and tattoo parlor. "I feel bad for those European nuclear physicists. They've worked so hard for years and years. Anyway they're all invited to my party so that is all good".
  • heh heh, pull them in with a fake story about Paris Hilton heh heh, get 'em all stoked on the Particle Physics heh heh, even Granma
  • GranMa is sooo disgusted that you people are impressed by the strings on PH's tampons. What next?