March 13, 2004

Ever wondered what that strange neighbor next door dreams about?. How about that lady at the petstore or anyone else for that matter?
  • oh god that's great. i am SO going to submit my dreams. i have extraordinarily weird and vivid dreams, all the time. in one part of one dream the other night, i asked a guy, "how sad is it?" and he said, "it's this sad," and he pushed me into a field of teensy weensy panda bears, as big as Beanie Babies, and they were all crying and crying and crying! millions and millions of them! and i couldn't walk, because each step would crush dozens of crying teensy panda cubs! OH GOD! OH GOD!!! we now return you to your regularly scheduled weblog.
  • ahhhh what dreams are made of.
  • Cool link. I like the Superhero Seminar. I wonder if it really happens that way.
  • I've had two plain surreal dreams recently. In the first, I had arranged to go on a date with a girl. I was going to meet her at a bus stop outside my college, then we'd go to the cinema. Unfortunately, the only way I could get to the bus stop was on a ten foot tall unicycle. I then arranged to go on a date with a different girl. I also agreed to meet her at the bus stop, at the same time as the first girl. At this point my dream seemed to be a Hugh Grant film directed by Salvador Dali. But it was okay in the end, because I couldn't get on the unicycle anyway. "Why didn't you come on our date?" the second girl said. "I couldn't get on the unicycle," I replied. "Oh, fair enough then." The second dream took place at the pub that I worked at. I was meant to be working from ten in the evening till five in the morning, which is strange, because our pub closes at eleven. Even so, people were coming in with their children to eat meals. I discovered that my boss had actually made a new bar and re-organised the fridges so that if you took anything out, everything else would fall out. My boss then sent me out to buy some newspapers and ivory chess pieces. Luckily, I found a newspaper and ivory chess piece store a few yards down the lane (my pub having relocated itself into a pleasant country garden). "Well, that's handy," I thought, and woke up.
  • Curse you, squeak! You beat me to posting Slow Wave! Thanks though. I love these cartoons. One of my favorites.
  • side: your dreams are like my life.
  • SideDish: How sad is it? That dream goes down to my notebook of the extremelly weird.
  • MonkeyFilter: "I couldn't get on the unicycle." "Oh, fair enough then." My favorite nightmare from the days when I was more trying to be a performer than a writer involved getting my ultimate dream job: a cast member on "Saturday Night Live", except they brought me in a half-hour before the show went live and took away my glasses so I couldn't read the cue cards. (The show biz equivalent of the "Final Test and I haven't studied all year" dream, which I've had variations on too). My dreams also have recurring locations, the most interesting of which was an office building where each successive story had a lower and lower ceiling, until on the top (twentieth, I think) floor, you had to crawl on your hands and knees out of the elevator. And that predated "Being John Malkevich" by twenty years...
  • So, perhaps I've missed the party. If not, my nightmare goes something close to this:

    It's dark, no no, darker than that. Darker than is possible on any planet that recieves any sunlight at all. Far, farther than it should be possible to "know" anything about anything in this stygian darkness, something is coming. Something big, something that doesn't even know I'm there, that will devour me almost in passing. Swallow me up without noticing, etc. etc. Wake up before it hits me, which is a plus. Only when I've been drinking, which is why I'm posting so late/early on here. Seems to get closer, one of those stupid reoccurs. Which is weird 'cause usually a lucid dreamer. Sorry if this bothers/makes people think of blogfilter. Just felt like posting/not sleeping. Be well.

  • [phantasmagoria banana] I have had Dish's dream. Only they were tiny crying kittens. And I think I may have been an elephant -- I'm not sure -- maybe I was riding the elephant. But I was desperately trying to keep any more of them from being hurt. Many were already fatally injured, and all I could do was watch, and wonder if I was at fault, either through action or inaction. That was a bad one. Like a roundhouse kick.
  • Thread reborn! So last night I dreaming that I was in the world of I, Robot, except that the robots had won. They forced us all into enormous underground amusement arcades. After exploring one for a while, a cute little girl suddenly appeared in front of me, in a pinstripe dress. Then it grew fangs, and latched onto my arm. The only way I could get it off was to punch it. It then fell off and cried for a bit, then disappeared. So for a while I was going through this cycle: the child would appear, bite me and I'd have to punch it. Eventually it got to the point where I'd punch it before it bit me. Of course, that was when everyone started paying attention to my plight, and saw that I was punching a small, defenceless little girl in the face, for no reason. Only my girlfriend would believe me that it was a being of purest evil. Just thought I'd share that with the group. Hi, my name's Pete, and I dream about punching children.